A highly original spa A spa with an unique view         A top class spa 
directly inspired by Roman baths

Our spa, open 7 days a week, exudes elegance, intimate ambiance, with just a touch of ancient Rome.

It is housed in a beautiful vaulted room overlooking the Amphitheatre. In complete harmony with its unique location, it is an establishment which dispenses health and beauty treatment evoking the ancient rituals.

Access to Spa for adults over 18 only 

Access to the Spa

Access to Spa for adults only with a reservation at reception

The principle of the thermal baths of ancient Rome is maintained :

hot bath (caldarium),
cold (frigidarium) or warm bath (tepidarium)
with massaging showers,
hammam (sudatorium),
massage and beauty treatment (onctuarium)…

"Les Bains du Calendal"

Hydro jet shower (Frigidarium)
Large Jacuzzi (Caldarium) at 32°C with view of the Arena
Hammam (Sudatorium)
Tea area

Access to Spa for adults over 18 only 

Opening time

Open daily
from 8am to 8pm

Reservation required

Bathing suit obligatory!