A few kilometers from Marseille Nîmes Montpellier Avignon

The car park for Le Calendal is just 300 meters away from the hotel !

As the streets around the hotel have controlled access a pay parking is located 300 meters from the hotel. A preferential rate of 12 € / 24h is offered to our clients.

This is the easiest way to avoid getting around the streets.

Park at the Center Parking at 8 rue Emile Fassin.

Take a ticket at the entrance, park where you want.

Keep the ticket so that it is exchanged at the reception with a reduced rate that you will use when you leave.

This is the solution for those who are loaded and want to drive to the hotel.

Program in your GPS “Montée Vauban” in Arles.

At the top of the “Montée Vauban” street you will find an AUTOMATIC TERMINAL that we can open from the hotel.

Once in front of the terminal, call us at : +33(0)4 90 96 11 89 
so that we can run the terminal down.

Once your luggage has been dropped, you will have to return to PARKING CENTER at 8 rue Émile Fassin

“Parking du Centre” 
(aka “Parking des Lices”)

Access :
8 Rue Emile Fassin – 13200 Arles

Preferential rate Hotel Calendal customer :  12€ / 24h

Hotel Spa Le Calendal Arles


By car :

  • From Marseille
    93.5 km ; ±1h  trip
    Route : A7/A54
    Follow : EXIT/SORTIE N°5 – “Centre Ville”
    then “Amphithéâtre – Sous-Préfecture”
  • From Montpellier
    80.5 km ; ±50min. trip
    Route : A9
    Follow :  EXIT/SORTIE N°5 – “Centre Ville”
    then “Amphithéâtre – Sous-Préfecture”
  • From Avignon 
    36.9 km ; ±35min. trip
    Route : N 570 Direction Arles
    Follow : “Centre-Ville /Nîmes”
    then “Amphithéâtre – Sous-Préfecture”