01 / L’objectif / Hélène Bellenger

Chambre 01

Thème : Arles et le Cinéma

« L'objectif »

Started in 2013 in the Méjan – Actes Sud cinema theatre, this photographic project is intended to capture the cinematographic equipment through the backstage of the projection booth. The projection booth, a black room from which beams of light escape, is the kernel of fragmented images without an audience. Through photographs of the glass pane that separates the projection booth from the theatre, the project attempts to capture the “entre-image” (the interimage), to quote Raymond Bellour, that is images specific to the cinema projection booths.

Hélène Bellenger​


Hélène Bellenger first studied Law and Art History then specialized in photography and contemporary art. In 2016, she graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. She works on plastic arts and theories, questioning the cultural and material bases of her contemporary Western visual culture. In 2016, she had a show at Agnès B. and in 2017 at the Binôme gallery within the collective show entitled « L’oeil plié » (the folded eye). Recently, she was invited to the 62nd Montrouge Fair, dedicated to emerging artists, and to the Paris Variation Fair. She held her first personal show in the Soma gallery in Cairo (Egypt), in December 2017