14 / Cadre sur le Rhône / Amélie Blanc

Chambre 14

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Cadre sur le Rhône »

Had this obsolete structure not caught my attention, I probably would never have stopped to look at the Rhone River at this precise location. In the opposite case, the image within the image is the one I could have made just by closing one eye and extending my arm with the thumb and the index fingers as a frame. Then I imagined the painters and their easels walking to the river, sitting in front of this odd object and using it as a reference for the landmarks that separate reality from representation.

Amélie Blanc


Born in Hyères in 1989, Amélie Blanc lives and works in Lyon. Her interest in foreign languages and the travel that resulted from it have strongly influenced her photographic work. Following a Bachelor Degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master in Cinematographic studies at Lyon University, she entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles from which she graduated in 2017. Throughout her studies, she has been able to enrich her knowledge and skills with this medium.