05 / Deux enfants qui s’aiment / Julie Hrnčířová

Chambre 05

Thème : Arles et le Cinéma

« Deux enfants qui s’aiment »

For the Calendal photographic project, Julie drew her inspiration from Lewis Gilbert’s 1971 film Deux Enfants qui s’aiment (Two children in love). The film tells the story of two young persons who meet in Paris and fall in love. In order to be free and to be able to spend all their time together, they decide to settle in the countryside, in the South of France, in the middle of Camargue. The photograph she took on the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer beach recalls a scene of the film where the two love birds take a stroll in the Camargue countryside. Alone, surrounded by wild vegetation, the two lovers are lying in the grass and rest, undisturbed.

Julie Hrnčířová


Julie Hrnčířová was born in the Czech Republic in 1992. During her studies at the Usti nad Labem and Prague art school, she did an Erasmus trip to the Nancy Fine Art school. In 2015 she was admitted to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. Voyage and permanent movement are key drivers in her artistic process and influence her photographic work. In her images, she creates encounters and exchanges with unknown individuals, friends, or members of her family. Thus, she tries to capture their daily lives in a natural, spontaneous and direct way.