19 / Le visage / Florent Basiletti

Chambre 19

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Le visage »

The photograph was produced during a photographic immersion that lasted several months in the CERCO (center for restoration and curating of collection works of the Arlaten museum). A took a specific look at the works stored in the stocks, waiting to be restored and then displayed. The series of photographs deals with the treatment of the items, of the works associated with numerous materials, plastics or foams. This relation produces new visual shapes that invite to the challenge of identifying the items, just as the dressings in this photograph that are utilized to preserve the painting.
Museon Arlaten, Bouches-du-RhôneDepartement.

Florent Basiletti


Florent Basiletti was born in Dijon in 1995. He lives and studies between Arles and Paris. Currently undergoing a Research and Creation Master II in the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, the artist explores the relations between Man and the objects around, as well as the vegetation that surrounds us. His works takes several forms: installations, interactive systems, photographs, videos, prints, drawings, performance. He therefore explores various fields of contemporary art through the hybridization of the materials he uses for his shows.