02 / La fureur du Dragon / Florian Da Silva​

Chambre 02

Thème : Arles et le Cinéma

« La fureur du Dragon »

At the start of his photographic project on cinema, Florian first tried to put to the fore the architectural heritage of the town. Ruins are omnipresent in Arles as the Alyscamp necropolis, the antic theatre or the famous Roman circus bear witness. Although remains of the past, ruins are still some of the most attractive and alive elements of the city, used as a backstage for numerous cinema productions. Using an anaglyph process, the photographer intended to make them dynamic and immersive. In order to enrich this cinematic dimension and favour movement over image, he added to his work a construct taken from the “The way of the dragon”. As a reference to the film’s last scene, the guest in the room – if he so wishes – will be able to challenge the legendary Bruce Lee.

Florian Da Silva​


Following an initial medical training, Florian Da Silva joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles where he carried out experiments and partnerships with scientific institutions such as the INSERM.

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