04 / Les salins / Jeanne Grouet

Chambre 04

Thème : Arles et le Cinéma

« Les salins »

This photograph fits within a process that combines an intimate history and a formalist approach. It takes its roots in the Arles territory where colour – digital photography – and black and white patterns – silver photography – merge and in which what could be likened to impressionist colour flat planes side with a cinematographic strip. She took the images in the Salins-de-Giraud salt marshes when the artist was a student. She retrieved them after several years and the images brought back impressions, memories, noises and odours specific to Arles and to its surrounding region.

Jeanne Grouet


Jeanne Grouet was born in 1989. She obtained a Bachelor Degree in cinema from la Sorbonne, and later was admitted in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles, from which she graduated in 2014. Having left the school, she worked for two years as project coordinator for Brunswick Arts, an international cultural communication agency. Today, she works as a photographer for associations (such as The Arts Arena) and festivals (such as Oiseau Indigo). Her projects feed on trips, mainly in Africa and in Turkey, as well as on familiar French landscapes among which she grew up. As a guiding thread of her artistic approach she questions borders (photographic and geographic), limits and the underlying issues of inclusion and exclusion. More specifically, she explores the porosity of borders and their possible shifts.

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