34 / Baudelaire et l’Arlésienne / Lila Neutre

Chambre 34

Thème : Arles et la Littérature​​​

« Baudelaire et l’Arlésienne »

What if Charles Baudelaire’s famous book, Le peintre de la vie moderne, had been written in Arles? The french author might have encountered l’Arlésienne… and what would he have thought about her? This is what Lila Neutre is suggesting you to imagine. Mixing archival documents and contemporary photographs, she stages the gestures and toilette of Provençal women; between myth and fantasy, reality and fiction.

Lila Neutre


Lila Neutre was born in 1989. Having completed her master’s degree at École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles, she is currently working on a photography PhD in southern France.Over a span of four years, she has been focusing her work on notions of identity and self-presentation in contemporary society. The social body assumes the role of the ultimate canvas for Lila’s artistic activity. Her research, both photographic and sociological, has even led her to Japan where she has worked with the cosplay community. Most recently, her work has been shown in various group exhibitions in Marseille and Kyoto, in partnership with the Kansaï French Institute and the International Festival Kyotographie.

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