36 / La chèvre de M. Seguin / Florian Maurer

Chambre 36

Thème : Arles et la Littérature​​​

« La chèvre de M. Seguin »

The story of La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin (Monsieur Seguin’s goat) told by Alphonse Daudet to his friend Pierre Gringoire narrates an animal loving freedom and wide open spaces which prefers ignoring dangers than spending its life locked up. This goat, which he compares to his friend, deeply desire to gambol in the mountain with the risk of crossing the wolf who has already eaten all the other goats of Mr. Seguin.
In filigree, what this letter tells us is that in one day the goat will have more amazed and discovered more beautiful things than in its entire life before. Behind a moralizing statement, we can find in this account a highlight of wilderness treasures and praise for great spaces.
My intention was to enlighten the freedom sought by Blanquette the goat, in this mountain landscape described by A. Daudet.
The photograph was shot in the Alpille Regional Park.

Florian Maurer


Florian Maurer was born in 1990 in Paris. Initially interested in journalism, and particularly in photojournalism, he studied photography at the Auguste Renoir School in Paris, where he graduated with a degree in photography in 2011. His interest evolved towards an artistic practice, following a B.A in Photography at Paris VIII University, then a Bachelor degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles.
His photographic practice focuses on geographical and historical questions, landscapes and towns he visits. From “La Guerre n’a pas eu lieu” (The war that never was) in Albania, to his Master II thesis dealing with artistic photography in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), Florian Maurer develops a corpus on relations between environment and territory, in connection with history and geography.

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