44 / Le MAPA de nuit / Steven Daniel

Chambre 43

Thème : Arles et l’Architecture​

« Le MAPA de nuit »

My work explores not only the way we inhabit urban space but also the relation we entertain with a town and its territory. Night is a special moment where I experience a different urban time zone: empty streets open to contemplation, lighting that stages urban spaces.
Since Arles cannot be dissociated from its history and from its cultural heritage, this photograph is intended to bring to the fore a key site of this heritage preservation that inspired the best artists, while attempting to display a building the contemporary architecture of which boasts a radical aesthetic rupture with the pieces it shelters.

Steven Daniel


Born in Montauban in 1988, Steven Daniel lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the Toulouse Fine Art School in 2011 and from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Photography in 2014. In 2012, he did a residence project in the New York International Centre of Photography. His work has been shown in several collective exhibitions, including the Rencontres d’Arles 2014, where he was invited by Olympus to show his photographic encounter with Denis Rouvre within the framework of the project “Olympus organizes a photographic conversation”, as well as in the gallery des Filles du Calvaire in Paris in 2016 during the show entitled “Exchanges of views”.

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