23 / Vue de train / Quentin Carrière

Chambre 23

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Vue de train »

Strongly influenced by Cézanne’s paintings, especially by the famous Provençal villages, I wanted to revisit the way such landscapes are depicted: of course the subject is preserved, but I want to ensure that the image remains in a visuality and a reflection that are specific to photography.

Quentin Carrière


This young artist, born in 1990, studied art history, cinema, photography and philosophy. Through different media (mainly photography and video), his work attempts to establish a link between the reflection on images and through images. Each work is independent – it has its own subject – yet two main research lines could emerge from the whole, albeit not delineated: one dealing with the notion of “suspended time”, the other with the position of the viewer.

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