24 / Les amandiers / Lexane Laplace

Chambre 24

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Les amandiers »

This photograph is a tribute to Van Gogh’s painting The blooming almond tree, painted in Saint Rémy de Provence. Conceived as an etching, the image takes the floral pattern and turns it into an ornament; between telluric forces, fragility and the fleeting phenomenon of anthesis, this photograph is a praise to Spring which deploys from within the vitality of an essential blue.

Lexane Laplace


Lexane Laplace was born in 1989. Following a Bachelor Degree in Modern Literature and Philosophy, she was admitted in the École Nationale Supérieure de photographie in Arles. She already had a pronounced inclination for documentaries and forms of studies that necessitate in situ practice: sociology, anthropology, ethnology. Drawing her inspiration from films by Jean Rouche, Chris Marker and Pier Paolo Pasolini as well as from early documentaries dealing with the Great Depression in the USA (Walker Evans, James Agee, John Steinbeck), her plastic art work explores well delimited territories to question identity and representations. Moreover, she mixes photographs and videos to work on archives, fiction and modular forms of information where images, imagery and imaginary merge.

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