06 / Le Cirque / Amélie Blanc

Chambre 06

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Le Cirque »

Au Musée Bleu, Arles, Novembre 2017(Blue museum – Arles, November 2017).
In order to create a composite landscape Amélie established a coincidence between elements that are in and out of the image scope. Moreover, she wanted the Musée of Arles Antique, which contains items that cannot be seen, to become a screen displaying simultaneously what is and what was there, behind her. Through the prism of glass, light reveals the impression of the surrounding vegetation. Installed on the window pane and aligned with the original monument it depicts the Jean-Claude Golvin’s illustration “Le Cirque“*, which proposes an abstraction of which only a few remains are left. Although it was a familiar environment, she spent little time taking photos of the Arles historic centre and of its surroundings. This call for project gave her the opportunity to do just that. The intention is to show a winter landscape woven with nuances, hesitating between warm and cold tones. Beyond the attention she pays to colour, she decided to evoke painting and cinema through a “mise-en-abime”. Edges of a hollow billboard, window frames, graphic display on a façade are elements that enable her to double the framework of the representation specific to the viewfinder of the camera, as a reference to that of a painting or of a cinema screen.

*Jean-Claude Golvin, GAULE – ARELATE (ARLES) – LE CIRQUE Amélie Blanc remercie chaleureusement l’artiste pour son accord et son soutien pour cette production photographique

Amélie Blanc


Born in Hyères in 1989, Amélie Blanc lives and works in Lyon. Her interest in foreign languages and the travel that resulted from it have strongly influenced her photographic work. Following a Bachelor Degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master in Cinematographic studies at Lyon University, she entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles from which she graduated in 2017. Throughout her studies, she has been able to enrich her knowledge and skills with this medium.

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