29 / La barque / Françoise Galeron

Chambre 29

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« La barque »

I decided to develop the theme of painting in adequacy with my work which takes its roots in the naturalism revealed by my perception. I took this photograph on the bank of the Vaccares lagoon, at sun down.I was born in this area and I often go there within a contemplative approach.This location lends itself to a form of introspection which tilts between a symbolic vision and a self-psychology, as can be seen in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, and which forms the very expression of his freedom.
The exchange of self-portraits between Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Émile Bernard at the time of the workshop project of the Midi in 1888 tells a lot. Each of the three painters showed himself in the synthesis of his research at the time.

Françoise Galeron


Lives in Camargue.
Works in her workshop located N°8 rue de la Liberté, 13200 Arles.
Graduated from the ENSP – V.A.E. in 2013.
Born in a family of farmers, I started my photographic work by taking photos of the daily life I experience. I experiment on what is unforeseable, overflowing, imagination as a form of banality, simply looking at life. I construct a stringent narrative mode which lasts, between prophecy and reality, deeply anchored in the root of collective unconsciousness, opening the doors of a mysterious and oniric realm.

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