20 / Les mimosas / Estelle Ogura

Chambre 20

Thème : Arles et la Peinture​​​

« Les mimosas »

In this work, the artist uses the cyanotype technique invented in the 19th century, based on the use of iron salts sensitive to light, that produce a blue image called cyan or Prussian blue. This practice calls for manual action. The product is deposited on the paper using a brush. This image plays with the overprint of two vegetal patterns found in Arles: the branches of a resinous shrub in a public park and the mimosas branches in a private garden. It is expressed using natural tanning technique that blackens the original blue, and colorized with dry pastel. The so-called “direct blackening” process is such that the print has the size of the negative. This cannot be enlarged, hence the digital high resolution reproduction of the original.

Estelle Ogura


Estelle Ogura has been producing photos for the last thirty years. She is always looking for the best technique to express her ideas. Estelle Ogura works for public or private commissions, but she also continues research works on personal inspirations. She loves touching and manipulating photographic material.

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